About The Congress

The social sciences have special features that distinguish them from the natural sciences in general, and from the humanities to which they belong in particular. On the subject point, it studies society, its problems, characteristics, and is concerned with a great and complex diversity of all social phenomena and others that are related to economics, political and educational phenomena. In terms of methodology, the social sciences are characterized by the multiplicity of their curricula and their constant development.

The same thing is applied to the goals of social sciences, which do not stop at the limits of understanding the nature of human society and monitoring its interactions and development, but rather go beyond that to discuss its problems and suggest solutions. This is what makes the field of social sciences closely related to the political field concerned with managing societies, caring for them, and preserving their interests. On one hand, social theories still witness a great difference between them in terms of explaining the emergence of societies and identifying the active elements in the way of their growth and development or the causes of social changes. Theories that seek to explain the phenomenon of human socialization and to understand the elements that constitute it. with the development of contemporary scientific research and its methods in all fields, especially with the technological progress and knowledge communication that the world has been witnessing since the beginning of the current century, the social sciences have had a great share of this development, whether in terms of field studies and their contemporary tools, or from the emerging social problems imposed by the global reality of nowadays.

On the other hand, the social sciences suffer today from crises imposed by the rapid development of societies and the inability of social cognitive models to keep up with this acceleration. This was clearly reflected in the difficulty of applying the results of social sciences in reality, either because they are insufficient or because they are difficult to put into practice for practical or value reasons.

Accordingly, Igdir University, Harran University and Istanbul Gedik University, in cooperation with Rimar Academy, are organizing Conference of Social Sciences in the Beginning of the Third Millennium, which aims to keep abreast of the reality of social sciences today, monitor the latest developments in its topics, curricula and applications, and highlight the problems that it suffers from. Including this scientific competence, and the visions and proposals that contribute to solve these problems. The conference administration invites all researchers and academics, whether social scientists or specialists in other scientific fields related to it, to participate in this conference and present what contributes to the achievement of its objectives and is commensurate with the research vocabulary included in its axes and topics.

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