Congress Topics

The conference aims to reflect its work on contemporary issues related to the social sciences and their latest theoretical and practical developments, through which the participating researchers will approach the themes and issues on which contemporary scientific research focuses in both fields or in any other field, related problems and matters, whether directly or indirectly by viewing the conference and its questions. Therefore, the conference leadership welcomes all research papers that are consistent with its objectives and that relate to the themes and the following key vocabulary :

  • Social sciences, Issues of Education and Scientific research
  • The Reality of Educational Studies and the Horizon of their Development
  •  Literature and Linguistic Studies
  • Social Studies
  • Psychological Studies
  •  Historical Studies and Archeology
  • Philosophy Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Religious Studies
  • Tourism
  • Geographical Studies
  • Child Studies
  •  Political Studies and International Relations
  • Management Sciences and Business Development
  • Banking and Economic Studies
  •  Law Studies
  • Contemporary Arts
  •  Women's Studies

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