Congress goals:

  • It Seeks to develop the definition of social sciences and define their identity in proportion to the breadth of their topics as well as the To present the evolutions of the social sciences since the beginning of the third millennium until today.
  • Results resulting from the gap in social sciences, academic, theoretical, practical and applied studies
  • Monitor the historical evolution of the social sciences, which explains its current reality and its contemporary characteristics.
  • Approaches to problems that hinder the development and formulation of social theories with contemporary cognitive development.
  • Proposing methodological reforms through which it is possible to bridge the gap between the acceleration of social changes and the scientific delay in keeping pace with these changes.
  • Evaluating the experience of social studies and research outside the academic setting, especially in research centers, institutions, governmental and international organism
  • Approaching the nature of the relationship between the social sciences, international and local political reality.
  • Tracking the evolution of the fields of social sciences in terms of objectives, themes and programs.
  • Find out how to put the results of the social sciences at the service of contemporary human issues.

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